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 Fantastic, Shannon. Your book is SO amazing. It’s one of those books where you are mad when the phone rings because you don’t want to put down your book to answer the phone! – W.A., Los Angeles, CA

As some of you may know, Shannon Yewell Weil and I traded books a couple weeks ago. I have to say she has done a fantastic job on the production of Strike A Long Trot. This is much more than a biographical account of the remarkable horsewoman Linda Tellington-Jones of the Tellington TTouch World. Shannon had the life privilege of being close to Linda and having her as a teacher and mentor. Shannon is a wonderful story teller as we read about early days of endurance riding in the 1960s.


Her writing puts us there on the trail with the pioneers of our sport long before there was an AERC. I loved seeing those old names who belong to faces I haven’t seen in years. Shannon spins the Great American Horse Race right into the 1976 Pony Express Race, again I read of folks I know. I have to say my favorite “character” is Mary Lou and you’ll just have to read it for yourself to find out who Mary Lou is!


My little book review here is more than a “pat on the back” for Shannon because she has poured so much of herself into this wonderful publication. I’d like to add that I met Linda at an AERC Convention in ’89 or ’90 when she was doing a TTEAM presentation on the stage of the Nugget Casino. She had two horses on stage and it was truly amazing how they responded to her and her touch.


Afterwards I went to visit with her and was pleased that she took the time to answer my questions regarding a difficult horse we had at the time. She showed me her Tellington (training) bit – a very balanced bit that she guaranteed would benefit this particular horse. The change was immediate! He was wonderful with the bit and it became “his” lifetime bit.


The only two times he bucked off a rider after that was when they chose not to ride him with that special bit that Linda designed! The horse was Surrablue who we later sold to Les Carr and has over 10,500 AERC miles. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the effect that Linda has had (so far) on the world of horses. I wonder what ingenious thing she’ll come up with in the next ten years for horses and animals in general.

Karen Bumgarner, Author of America’s Long Distance Challenge



I just finished reading the book and was totally impressed. For me it was hard to turn off my tablet and head out to see the scenery in this beautiful country (Italy).

Your book had my attention from the first page.
Thanks for writing a great book.”

J. Larkin, Greenwood, CA


“What a treasure your book is, this is a MONUMENTAL book.

Your inclusion of so many photographs really makes this a visually memorable book.

What a remarkable book and stunning tribute to someone so important –

Linda Tellington-Jones.”

W. Averill, Los Angeles, CA


“Truly a great read!”

M.L., Bay Area, California


“What an intriguing read. I couldn’t put it down.

Makes me want to learn more about the TTouch now.”

Janice L. Blake, New York


“I just finished your book, Strike A Long Trot and

I have to congratulate you for the great job.”

György Surjan, Budapest, Hungary


Shannon Yewell Weil’s delightful and enthralling new book

‘Strike a Long Trot…Legendary Horsewoman Linda Tellington Jones’

is an imperative addition to the library of every equestrian bibliophile

impassioned with horses, the art of horsemanship and the demanding sport of

endurance riding. Its 338 pages are laced with acompendium of engrossing

stories, hard-earned knowledge and amusing anecdotes about one of America’s most<h/3>

accomplished equestriennes. They include her remarkable exploits as a trainer

and equestrian instructor throughout the world, as a scientific investigator

and the author of over 20 books, but above all as an endurance ride competitor.


The well written text elaborates at length upon Linda’s Tellington Jones’ extraordinary,

lifelong involvement with horses in the show ring, competing in hunting and jumping contest

and riding over the toughest trails in America, underscoring her victory at the 1961

Jim Shoulders 100-Mile Ride and her fascinating adventures on the arduous Tevis Cup Ride.


Its pages are embellished with dozens of delightful photographs that are sure to evoke

wistful reminiscences for everyone that ever participated in such demanding events.


Written by one of the most renowned endurance riders of our times, Shannon Yewell Weil’s

splendid book captures the essence and conveys all of the personal sacrifices required

by both horse and rider, which are essential to triumph as an endurance rider.

I highly recommend her inspirational book to everyone impassioned with horses, but

especially to anyone who has ever dreamed of emulating the success of these two

exceptional equestriennes!

By the author of “A Glorius Task”, “The Man Who Bred Skowronek: Count Joseph Potocki, the great Polish breeders of Arabian horses of Slawuta, Bialowcerkiew…”, “Al Khamsa: the Purebred Arabian Horse…”, “In Search of the Arabian Horse…”

Andrew K. Steen – Seville, Spain


“Shannon, I enjoyed the book tremendously!

Meeting you and Linda made the book so much fun to read because,

as I was reading the words, your voices came through.

It was like it was being narrated by you.

What an incredible experience for you to have been part of with Linda!

It was so enjoyable! Great job!

Darlene Ouelette, Alberta, Canada


“I am enjoying my hardbound copy, which is autographed

by the author, Shannon Yewell Weil.

It is an excellent book and carefully researched.”

Robert H. Sydnor, Fair Oaks, California


“I am so thrilled with this book!

Shannon gives the history with her heart and with her head.

It is so interesting to see how Shannon’s life and mine have been interwoven

over 45 years and she remembers so many details that I have forgotten.

The photos from PCERF are priceless, and it is so fun

to find Roland woven throughout the book.

See how many photos of him you can find at our school.

I would love to hear from those of you reading the book about what intrigues you the most.”

 Linda Tellington-Jones


“Now this is a book that every endurance rider must have! Love it!”

Sharon Ballard, Manager of the Outlaw Trail Historical Endurance Rides, Eagle, Idaho


“It’s just great!

This book brings back a lot of memories for me and stories that I’d forgotten about.”

Pat Fitzgerald, Legendary Pioneer Endurance Rider, Reno, Nevada



“Not only does this book cover some of the history of the Tevis Cup 100-Mile Ride,

it also includes much of Linda Tellington-Jones’ Three Day Eventing and Horse Trails

at Ram Tap and Pebble Beach. I didn’t know about this extensive era of her equestrian life.

S. Bradley, Marble Falls, TX


“I finished the book in 3 days – I read every word and studied every picture.

It was such a delightful read.

It brought back so many memories of horses and students at PCERF.

All my friends are so thrilled that I am in this book.”

Di Scott, Elverson, PA


“This is such a good reference book for horsemanship and many styles of riding.

I’m so happy that you wrote this book.”

P. Parker, Bellevue, WA


“I’m sitting on a beach in Spain with Roland Kleger and Gabriele Boiseille

and we are reading your book.

Thank you so much for writing this Shannon,

I am thrilled with the results of your book!”

Linda Tellington-Jones, from Spain May 2014.





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